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Team 21 | Alameda Mortgage Corp.

Fast Flexible Closings

We can close quickly and efficiently in as little as two weeks

Bonus Cash

Employees who take advantage of the program can receive up to $3,000 credit towards closing costs.

Fast Flexible Closings

Ad-free access to the HomeBot™ real estate search app, which features 100% of MLS listings.

Education & Support

We guide you through the home buying process and act as your trusted ally before, during, and after the purchase.

Local Connections

We have relationships with top professionals and resources that benefit the home buying process.

Loan Options

Access to a wide selection of loan products & programs, ensuring best fit home financing solutions.

Bonus Cash $3,000

Team 21 and Alameda Mortgage Corp. contribution
towards closing costs.



Team 21 Loans

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Matt Askland
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Matt Askland

Team 21 Loans

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